28 January 2022

FMA investor profile - Eseta Leau

Investor profiled by the FMA

Our latest Investor Profile features Eseta Leau, who uses her law and commerce background as a consultant to serve Pacific communities and is a novice investor.  

After many years listening to others talk about investing, Eseta is now proud to call herself an investor.

With one of her friends being a money blogger and another working at a retail investing platform, money and investing has long been a topic of conversation among her friends. But it was only recently in July last year that Eseta mustered up the courage to take the leap and try her own hand at investing. 

“I had started a new job and was wanting to be wiser about my financial decisions. So, I finally decided to get on and do the dang thing!”

Taking the plunge

What helped her take the leap was completing a free online investing course and listening to the Girls That Invest podcast, both recommended to her by friends.

“I got into investing through my friends and social media – yes, I am such a millennial!”

Eseta believes there is no time like the present to begin an investment journey. 

"Making the first investment was the hardest thing to do because I had so many doubts and mental barriers that prevented me from making that first step."

More than just getting a return

Currently, Eseta has shares in companies and exchange traded funds, along with a KiwiSaver account. She sees herself as a long-term investor with a “buy and hold” strategy.

When looking at a prospective company to invest in, there’s more to due diligence than just looking at a company’s financial statements, says Eseta.

“I only invest in companies that align with my personal values – those that I believe are making a real difference in this world and should be supported in their mahi.”

Este Lau family community

She thinks about things like whether a prospective company is one she’d like to see continue for future generations – but thinks this type of benchmark is missing from many investment resources.

“Investing is more than about getting a return. Investments are a personal reflection of the things that I value and how I show up in the world.”

With Eseta’s investments being self-funded, she protects herself from risks by only investing with savings after all living expenses and emergencies have been accounted for and is careful not to make any knee-jerk reactions.

“Investing is about creating another source of income my family and I can rely on in the future.”

Investing in investing

Eseta is also investing in herself and her capabilities by putting aside time to learn more about investing and registering for classes so she can make better informed decisions.

“Even though there is a lot more to learn, I know that my journey has begun. I’m an investor now. I just need to become a more informed investor.”

*The views and opinions expressed above are those of the interviewee and do not necessarily reflect the views or official position of the FMA.

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