Page last updated: 15 March 2022


How to identify a product disclosure statement (PDS) or prospectus scam
FMA has issued this article about how to identify and avoid PDS or prospectus scams as a result of an increase in fake investment documents targeting ...
FMA Investor Profile – Dillon Balasingham
Our latest Investor Profile features Dillon Balasingham, a 22-year-old student at the Victoria University of Wellington, and Co-President of the Unive ...
Spotlight on: Wholesale investing
Spotlight on wholesale investment offers aimed at experienced investors, often with large sums of money to invest.
FMA Investor Profile – Sev Ozan
Our latest Investor Profile is on Sev Ozan, a multi-hyphenate who has an active interest in investing.
Spotlight on: Stock lending
This article talks about stock lending, how it works and the risks.
FMA Investor Profile - Carla Fasher
Investor Profile featuring Carla Fasher, a 29-year-old optometrist who got into investing as a student.
Spotlight on: Compound interest
Read about compound interest, and how powerful it can be over the long term.
FMA investor profile - Sarah Kelsey
Meet Sarah Kelsey, a 23-year-old Product Marketing Specialist, host of the podcast series The OneUp Project and investor.
FMA investor profile - Te Kahukura Boynton
FMA Investor Profile features Te Kahukura Boynton, who wants to empower Māori to become financially independent.
Update on the KiwiSaver default scheme provider change process
Six default KiwiSaver providers announced by Government.
Adviser profile – Andrea Reid of Aliya Insurance Brokers
Andrea Reid of Aliya Insurance Brokers shares how applying for a Financial Advice Provider (FAP) licence helped her build a better business.
Why tick box conduct compliance doesn’t cut it anymore
Clare Bolingford describes how the regulatory lens is changing to focus on customer outcomes.
Q&A with the Financial Markets Authority's Tammy Peyper
Tammy Peyper, Manager of Investor Capability at the FMA talks investing and what to do when markets get rocky.
Spotlight on: NFTs
FMA talks about NFTs in this article.
Thumbs up - FAP Full licensing online application process
FMA talks about Class 1 or Class 2 financial advice provider licences in this article.
FMA investor profile - Bradie Claydon
Meet Bradie Claydon, a wife and mum of three, a Registered Legal Executive who invests and runs social media platform, Kiwi Girl on a Budget.
FMA investor profile - David Chadwick
Meet David Chadwick, a 33-year-old new dad, finance professional and investor.
Protecting your Prosperity in the Year of the Tiger
The FMA has put together some tips on how you can look after your hard-earned savings and protect your wealth in 2022, the Year of the Tiger.
保护您的财富 在虎年守护您来之不易的积蓄
The FMA has put together some tips on how you can look after your hard-earned savings and protect your wealth in 2022, the Year of the Tiger. This is ...
From salads to soup: How FMA staff celebrate Lunar New Year
Lunar New Year is an important holiday celebrated throughout Asia. Here's how the FMA celebrates.
New default engagement requirements a cue for all KiwiSaver providers
Gillian Boyes comments on the new default engagement requirements for all KiwiSaver providers.
FMA investor profile - Reverend Scott Malcolm
Meet Rev Scott Malcolm, an Anglican Priest and investor.
FMA investor profile - Eseta Leau
Read more about Eseta Leau's investment story.
Spotlight on: IPOs
FMA editorial team talks about IPOs and things to look out for before you invest inthis article.
Spotlight on: Balanced Funds
The FMA editorial team talks about managed funds in this article.
FMA investor profile - Rory Lynch
This FMA Investor Profile focusses on Rory Lynch who takes a data-driven approach to investing.
FMA investor profile - Imogen O’Neill
We talk to investor and PR Director, Imogen O’Neill.
Adviser profile – Christine Hay on her FAP licensing journey
Christine Hay, sole adviser, talks about how she prepared her business to become a fully licensed financial advice provider.
FMA investor profile - Sonya Gupthan
Meet Sonya Guptha, one of the stars and co-host of the hit Girls that Invest podcast. What are her investing secrets?
FMA investor profile - Carren Stuart
Read about investor, Carren Stuart who goes from being a burnt 1980s share buyer to an empowered 2020s DIY investing platform user.
Spotlight on Crypto: Using New Zealand based cryptocurrency trading platforms
FMA talks about the things you can do to protect yourself if you’re determined to invest in cryptocurrency.
FMA investor profile - Jeanette Miller
Experienced investor Jeanette Miller describes her investing style and journey, in this month’s FMA Investor Profile.
Get your full licence in 2021 – it could be the best business decision you’ll make
Derek Grantham talks about the up side of getting your FAP full licence early.
The Great FMA Debate
FMA Debates give industry heavyweights the chance to debate in a light-hearted manner over important matters affecting Kiwi investors.
Top five tips for becoming a fully licensed Financial Advice Provider
Top tips for becoming a fully licensed Financial Advice Provider (FAP) in New Zealand
FMA investor profile - Zac W.
We profile 13-year-old investor, Zac, who joined the online investing revolution 18 months ago.
Welcoming Matariki – The Māori New Year
Elijah Walker (Waikato, Ngāti Maniapoto), a Graduate Intern in our Strategy team shares his views on Matariki.
KiwiSaver fund switching among younger people – helping out next time volatility hits
Gillian Boyes on how we can help out younger people next time market volatility hits KiwiSaver.
FMA investor profile - Riki Manarangi
The FMA profiles investor, Riki Manarangi of Te Arawa, Ngāti Raukawa, Kuki Airani (Cook Islands).
Spotlight on: Conservative Funds
The FMA editorial team talks about conservative funds in this article.
FMA investor profile - Cathy Elloso
The FMA profiles investor Cathy Elloso from the Massey University Student Investment Club.
Spotlight on: Growth Funds
The FMA editorial team talks about growth funds in this article.
FMA investor profile - Lachlan Wallace
The FMA profiles investor Lachlan Wallace from the AUT Investment Club.
March 2021 – A new financial advice regime begins for New Zealand
John Botica, FMA director of market engagement, looks at what March 2020 changes to the financial advice regime mean for the industry.
Investing for women – ideas and inspiration for International Women’s Day
For International Women's Day, we look at investing ideas and inspiration for New Zealand women
Sophisticated gold scam targets Kiwi investors
MetalsWise scam lures investors with radio ads and 0800 number
Gareth Bostock: Ex-detective, regulatory professional
Meet Gareth Bostock, our Head of Evidence and Investigations.
International Women’s Day: Meet Karen Chang, Head of Enforcement
This #IWD2020, meet Karen Chang. Leader, lawyer and mum-to-be is Head of Enforcement at The Financial Markets Authority.
Q&A with Alexandra Lipski
This International Women’s Day, we talk to Alexandra Lipski, founder of Closing The Gap, which aims to get more women into investing. Alex is a kee ...