Page last updated: 04 February 2020

KiwiSaver projections

How much money might I have at retirement? Understand how your KiwiSaver savings projection is calculated.

From April 2020, your personal annual KiwiSaver statement will show you what your KiwiSaver savings may be worth at age 65.

The figures are not a guarantee, but instead are an estimated projection to help you make important decisions about your fund choice and how much you are contributing. The estimates will be updated each year.

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What your statement shows

What you are on track to receive at age 65

$[lump sum amount] as a lump sum,

which would be about

$[weekly amount] a week until age 90.

Your lump sum shows how much your balance is likely to be when you reach age 65 – giving you an idea how much your current investment could grow.

Your weekly amount shows you how much you could receive weekly from your KiwiSaver account if you leave your money invested and make regular withdrawals from age 65 until your balance reaches zero at age 90. Most providers allow you to make regular withdrawals, meaning the money you leave invested will continue to earn returns.

The amounts are adjusted for inflation so you can see what they are worth in today’s money. The figures exclude NZ Superannuation and any other retirement savings you may have.

It’s important to know these figures are an estimate only and aren’t guaranteed by your provider or the Government.


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