Page last updated: 15 March 2022


Good corporate governance supports investor confidence. To enable companies to grow and thrive, directors need to be both risk managers and responsible risk takers. Being a director is more than just a title. The office of a director carries with it a wide range of ethical, legal and commercial duties and obligations.

This page provides a range of guidance and resources to assist directors in their duties.


Guidance and resources

Audit quality – A director’s guide
This handbook is aimed at directors of FMC reporting entities. It sets out how you, as a director can contribute to the audit quality of your audit, a ...
Thinking beyond shareholders
Presentation by Rob Everett at the NZ Capital Markets Forum, March 2019
Going Public: A Director’s Guide
The number of companies looking to access the equity markets continues to grow. This guide is intended to help directors assess whether going public i ...
The essentials of being a director (English version)
This joint publication with the Institute of Directors is intended to provide company directors and prospective directors with a quick reference and o ...
Ngā mea waiwai o te tūranga whakataka (The essentials of being a director)
This is a te reo Māori translation of The Essentials of Being a Director guide - which recognises the relevance of te reo Māori in New Zealand’s e ...
Corporate governance handbook
We recognise the vital role good corporate governance plays in contributing to markets that are fair, efficient and transparent, and to ensuring stake ...
FMA's CE Rob Everett for Institute of Directors
FMA's CE Rob Everett for Institute of Directors - Video