Page last updated: 20 June 2023


This section provides an overview of the compliance obligations of key financial market participants. It shows who needs to comply, their main obligations, and includes information on licensing, fees and exemptions. To find out more about your specific obligations, choose your role on the main menu.

Compliance by role - Compliance with the FMA

FMA's compliance approach

We take a risk-based approach to our monitoring and surveillance activities, meaning we prioritise resources to those participants or practices that present the greatest risk to fair, efficient and transparent financial markets.

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Consultation paper: Standard conditions for derivatives issuer licences
We are considering imposing a new standard condition and varying an existing standard condition for all derivatives issuer (DI) licences. Have your sa ...
Financial Advice Provider Monitoring Insights
Findings from the FMA’s supervision activities and monitoring of Class 1 and 2 licensed financial advice providers
Consultation: Class exemption renewal for disclosure of relevant interests by directors and senior managers, and NZCDC Settlement System
Have your say on the renewal of exemptions for disclosures of relevant interests by directors and senior managers, and in relation to NZCDC Settlement ...
New AML/CFT regulations – joint statement by AML/CFT Supervisors on supervisory approach
The Department of Internal Affairs, the Financial Markets Authority and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (‘the Supervisors’) welcome the changes to ...
Guidance Note: For duty holders that are AML/CFT reporting entities
FMA, DIA and RBNZ – along with their partner agencies – MFAT and NZ Police – have provided a Guidance Note for duty holders that are AML/CFT rep ...
AML/CFT customer due diligence: trusts
A trust is an arrangement where a person (the settlor) gives money or property to another person (the trustee), to be held in trust for the benefit of ...
AML/CFT beneficial ownership guideline
This guideline and associated fact sheets are to assist reporting entities to conduct customer due diligence of the beneficial owner of their customer ...
AML/CFT customer due diligence: companies
The fact sheet should be read in conjunction with the beneficial ownership guideline.