Page last updated: 20 December 2022

Gender Pay Gap

Our organisation is committed to meeting the milestones of Kia Toipoto - the Public Service Gender, Māori, Pacific, and Ethnic Pay Gaps Action Plan 2021-24

Under Kia Toipoto we are publishing our gender pay gap as required by 31 December 2022.

At 1 December 2022, our gender pay gap (based on the median hourly rate for all permanent employees, including the chief executive) is 10.4%.  We will next update this statistic as part of our annual pay review cycle, effective 1 July each year.  The FMA is committed to ensuring we recruit more females into senior roles, and that we have a gender balance across all levels within the organisation.  This will see a decrease in the gender pay gap for the organisation. The FMA will do this by ensuring a balanced recruitment pool of both male and female candidates are presented for all vacancies.

Under Kia Toipoto agencies and entities need at least 20 employees in each comparative group to publish statistically robust pay gaps, while also protecting the privacy of employees. We have insufficient ethnic data in relation to our employees to publish ethnic pay gaps. We are, instead, using the data we have and employee engagement to develop our first Kia Toipoto Action Plan, which we will publish on this site by 28 April 2023.