Page last updated: 15 March 2022


Gen AI: Industry engagement essential to understand how Gen AI is achieving positive consumer and market outcomes as well as how risks are being managed by firms
Daniel Trinder, Executive Director Strategy and Design at the FMA talks about regulation of Generative Artificial Intelligence.
KiwiSaver 2023 – Holding firm as contributions feature
Opinion piece from Stuart Johnson, FMA Chief Economist following the release of the KiwiSaver Annual Report 2023.
Monitoring Climate Disclosures: Paving the way for transparency and accountability
Jenika Phipps, Manager Climate Related Disclosures talks about monitoring climate disclosures towards transparency and accountability in this opinion ...
Sustainable? Ethical? The substance must back up the claims
Paul Gregory, Executive Director Response and Enforcement, FMA talks about greenwashing and how misleading or false claims about social or environment ...
Here’s why complaints are really 'moments of truth'
Clare Bolingford, FMA Executive Director Regulatory Delivery talks about the value of complaints to financial services companies.
Banks and insurers have work cut out with CoFI
Clare Bolingford outlines what banks, insurers and non-bank deposit takers need to do to prepare for the CoFI regime.
The values of your money - choosing an ethical investment
Tammy Peyper, Financial Markets Authority’s Manager, Investor Capability shares her own experience choosing an ethical KiwiSaver fund.
Is your money next on cyber attackers’ hit list?
James Greig, FMA Director of Supervision talks about cyber attack risks.
Reporting a deficit – how to address the auditor shortage in New Zealand
Jacco Moison, FMA Head of Audit and Financial Reporing talks about the shortage of experienced auditors in New Zealand and the implications for invest ...
Meet Samantha Barrass, FMA Chief Executive
The FMA’S new Chief Executive, Samantha Barrass talks about what she wants to achieve for financial services in New Zealand.
Customer understanding and demystifying — Clare Bolingford on FMA expectations of NZ life insurers
FMA Director of Banking and Insurance Clare Bolingford talks about FMA's expectation of NZ life insurers at the Financial Services Council “Generati ...
Mary Holm: Investing is for the long term
Mary Holm talks to the FMA about market volatility and how to invest for the long term.