Page last updated: 15 March 2022


The values of your money - choosing an ethical investment
Tammy Peyper is the Financial Markets Authority’s Manager, Investor Capability. In this article she shares her own experience choosing an ethical K
Is your money next on cyber attackers’ hit list?
New Zealand’s response to Russia’s war on Ukraine has heightened the risk of cyberattacks on our digital shores - and financial service providers
Update on the KiwiSaver default scheme provider change process
In May 2021, the Finance Minister and Minister of Finance and the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs announced the 6 KiwiSaver providers who wi
Reporting a deficit – how to address the auditor shortage in New Zealand
New Zealand’s shortage of experienced auditors is having an impact on the timely completion of audited financial information for investors and stake
Sanctions on Russia – we’ve already got a tool for that
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is into its fourth month, and many countries continue to review and tighten economic and financial sanctions on Russia
Meet Samantha Barrass, FMA Chief Executive
The FMA’S new Chief Executive, Samantha Barrass, joined the organisation earlier this month. She talks here about what she wants to achieve for fin
Customer understanding and demystifying — Clare Bolingford on FMA expectations of NZ life insurers
FMA Director of Banking and Insurance Clare Bolingford spoke to this year’s Financial Services Council “Generations” conference about the insura
Mary Holm: Investing is for the long term
Mary Holm talks about market volatility and how to invest for the long term.
The Year of the FAP
The FMA’s Director of Market Engagement John Botica and Principal Consultant Derek Grantham reflect on lessons learned from the first year of Financ
Mandatory climate-related disclosures – a new regime for NZ and the FMA
New legislation passed last month requires certain entities, known as Climate Reporting Entities (CREs), to produce annual climate statements that ide
Jumping into that investment? Take a mo and think about it
Most investors are doing the right things – they’re diversifying their portfolios and they’re doing their research. However, some are jumping in
First thoughts on full licensing: First Capital’s Hugh Percy gives his verdict on the journey
First Capital was the 100th applicant through the Financial Advice Provider (FAP) full licence door, and their Class 2 application was approved on Sep
KiwiSaver upgrades follow ‘annus mirabilis’
The FMA’s Director of Investment Management Paul Gregory says the 2021 KiwiSaver Annual Report shows global and local factors are driving overdue im
The Goldilocks dilemma (or how to choose the FAP full licence class that’s just right)
One of the first big decisions you need to make is which type of FAP full licence is right for you, as this determines some of the things you need to
Delta blues: latest lockdown shows need for customer vulnerability preparedness
This piece aims to provide some ‘food for thought’ as firms start to develop or review their current customer vulnerability processes and procedur