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  1. 7 October 2021

    Jumping into that investment? Take a mo and think about it

    Most investors are doing the right things – they’re diversifying their portfolios and they’re doing their research. However, some are jumping into investments because they have a fear of missing out and some are jumping in without fully understanding what it is they are committing to. Gillian Boyes, Manager Investor Capability for the FMA explains.
  2. 14 September 2021

    The Goldilocks dilemma (or how to choose the FAP full licence class that’s just right)

    One of the first big decisions you need to make is which type of FAP full licence is right for you, as this determines some of the things you need to think about now, and have in place, in support of your full licence application. This page talks about the options that are available to you.