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We all invest for the same reason – to grow our money. Our approach to investing can vary depending on our investment goals and appetite for risk.

In this section we help you work out what kind of investor you are; provide useful information on the risk profile of different investment types and give you the fundamentals of managing your investments to meet your goals. 

The information is useful to novice investors and serves as a good reminder to confident investors. 

Investing tips and resources - FMA

Key areas for investors

Basics of investing

Learn the investing basics to help you make the most informed decisions on your investment journey. 

Investing basics

Online investing 

We explore into the ins and outs of online investing platforms and understand the risks of using them.

Online investing

Already investing?

Everything you need to know about managing and maintaining your hard-earned investment.

Management tips

Understanding market volatility: how to prepare for a potential market event

Share markets rise and fall, which is a normal part of investing.  The next market event could happen at any time, and it might take a few years for markets to recover from a downturn.  History shows us that markets can and do come back – but it might take time.   

Read about market volatility


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