Page last updated: 29 August 2023

Online Services

Online Services is a secure portal hosted by the FMA for submitting licence applications and, regulatory and scheme information. 

Visit FMA's secure online services portal

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Prepare before you visit Online Services

Before completing a form, you will need your RealMe account login details. To complete any of the forms, you will be asked for your Financial Service Provider (FSP) number. Make sure that you are registered on the Financial Service Providers Register (FSPR) ahead of applying for a licence.

Financial Service Provider Register (FSPR)


Which online services are available

The following licence application forms are available online:

  • Financial institution licence
  • Financial Advice Provider Licence (FAP) 

The forms are easy to navigate. There are guidance notes and help text on how to complete a set of questions as you move through the form. Information linked to your FSP number will be automatically filled in.

If you require a licence application form for any of the following services, please contact our licensing team:

  • Discretionary Investment Management Service (DIMS) 
  • Derivatives Issuer (DI)
  • Financial Product Market Operator (FPMO) 
  • Managed Investment Scheme (MIS) 
  • Crowd Funding 
  • Peer to Peer 
  • Independent Trustee 
  • Overseas Auditor 
  • Supervisor 

You can also amend an existing FAP licence online to:

  • Add/Remove Director or Senior manager 
  • Add or remove Authorised Body 
  • Change of Licence Class 

Regulatory returns

Regulatory returns are pivotal in helping us target our risk-based monitoring and are required as per the Financial Markets Conduct Regulations 2014.  If a regulatory return is a condition on your licence, we will notify you directly when it is time to complete and submit the return.

The following regulatory return forms will become available on-line to complete within the submission window time frame:

  • AML/CFT Report 
  • Managed Investment Scheme (MIS) 
  • Crowd Funding 
  • Peer to Peer 
  • DIMS regulatory return 
  • Derivative Issuer (DI) 

Scheme returns:

  • KiwiSaver Annual Statistical Return (available online from 3 April 2023)


How will I know when I need to complete an online form?

The FMA will advise you when you are required to complete an annual return. Usually these are at the end of March. AML returns are usually required to be completed by the 31 August.


Are all licensing types and returns done online?

The FMA are migrating all regulatory forms from the current manual format into the Online Services system.  In the meantime, you will be notified if the Online Service is not available for the regulatory return you are required to submit and another format will be provided.


Where do I find Online Services?

Visit the FMA's secure Online Services portal


Video tutorial: FMA's online services - what to expect

The Online Services video tutorial explains how to log in to Online Services and the various options available, including where to find forms in progress, submitted forms and invoices.


Video tutorial: Navigating a licence application

The Navigating a licence application video tutorial shows you an overview of the process, from starting the application in FMA's Online Services through to submission to FMA, using a Financial Institution licence as an example.