Page last updated: 08 April 2024

Online Services

Online Services is a secure portal hosted by the FMA for submitting some licence applications, regulatory returns and scheme information, and notifications.

Visit FMA's secure online services portal

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You can now report incidents relating to operational resilience of technology systems online 

For more information on the notification process, please refer to Notification of incidents relating to the operational resilience of technology systems guide.  

Notify the FMA via our online portal

What you can submit online

Licence applications:

  •  Financial Institutions
  • Financial Advice Provider (FAP)

NOTE: If you require a licence application form for any other licence type, please contact the FMA licensing team

Amendments to existing FAP licences:

  • Add/remove a Director or Senior manager
  • Add or remove an Authorised Body
  • Change a licence class

Regulatory returns during the submissions period (we will notify you when they are due):

  • Managed Investment Scheme (MIS) 
  • Crowd Funding 
  • Peer to Peer 
  • Discretionary Investment Management Service (DIMS)
  • Derivative Issuer (DI) 
  • Financial Advice Provider (FAP)

Scheme returns during the submissions period (we will notify you when they are due):

  • KiwiSaver Annual Statistical Return


  • Cyber and operational Incidents 

What to do before you visit the Online Services Portal

  1. Create a RealMe account.

  2. Register on the Financial Services Providers Register (FSPR).

  3. Watch our video tutorials:

    Online services - what to expect. The video tutorial explains how to login to Online services and the various options available, including where to find forms in progress, submit forms and where to find your invoices.

    Navigating a licence application. The video tutorial shows you an overview of the process, from starting the application in FMA's Online Services portal through to submission to the FMA, using a Financial Institution licence as an example.

  4. Visit the FMA's secure Online Services Portal