Page last updated: 04 October 2018

Gold and other commodities

Commodities are goods or materials bought and sold freely as an article of commerce. Examples include agricultural products, fuels, and metals such as gold and silver. 

You can buy some commodities (like gold) direct from a dealer, or you can invest in commodities via a managed fund. You can also buy derivatives or shares of listed commodity-producing companies (for example a company that produces oil or crops).

Commodities like gold are often used to spread risk because their price tends to move at different times to other types of investments. But investing in commodities is not low risk.


Understanding the risks

  1. It may be years before you make a profit

    Direct commodity investments don’t pay interest or dividends. You can only make money if the commodity increases in value and you’re able to sell for more than you paid. Prices can be subject to wild price swings so it may be many years before you get the price you want. There will also be costs to consider, such as storage and insurance and you may have to pay tax if a commodity is sold for a profit.

  2. It can be hard to predict the future price of commodities

    Gold is usually priced in US dollars, so its value is affected by movements in currency exchange rates as well as international demand. This can help you spread risk because prices tend to move at different times to other types of investments. But it also makes it harder to predict what the future price might be.


  3. It may be safer to work with local dealers

    If you’re buying a commodity directly, make sure you know where it comes from. In the case of gold, certain dealers are recognised around the world. Using a local, reputable dealer may make it easier to resolve any issues and to sell the commodity.

  4. You could get scammed

    We are aware of scammers selling commodities like gold. Be wary of businesses not based in New Zealand.  Scammers commonly try to ‘sell’ gold or other commodities they promise to keep safe for investors. If you’re buying gold, ask yourself how you know that same bar of gold hasn’t been sold to other investors as well?

How to reduce risk

  • Make sure the seller, and anyone storing your commodities, is reputable.
  • If you want to invest in commodities through a dealer, it’s important to ensure your dealer is trustworthy. We don’t regulate them, so can’t help if things go wrong. 
  • If you want to invest directly, we strongly recommend you seek financial advice.
  • If you’re considering commodity futures, options or other derivatives products, only buy through a provider named on our licensed derivatives issuer list.
  • For more information about direct investment in commodities, such as gold, speak to a financial adviser.