Page last updated: 09 June 2023

KiwiSaver & Superannuation

Setting and working towards your retirement goals today will improve your lifestyle later. This section talks about the New Zealand superannuation scheme KiwiSaver, and how to manage your KiwiSaver to achieve your goals. We also provide you with information about other superannuation schemes, and how to transfer your overseas retirement fund to New Zealand. 

KiwiSaver 2023: Own Your Tomorrow

FMA’s annual KiwiSaver campaign is taking place from June this year to encourage more New Zealanders to engage with their KiwiSaver.  

This year’s theme is “Own your Tomorrow” which reminds people that KiwiSaver is a simple way to invest for the long-term, and that taking small steps today can make a big difference to the future.

With recent research from Te Ara Ahunga Ora The Retirement Commission showing that women are retiring with 20% less in their KiwiSaver than their male counterparts, this year’s campaign has a particular focus on women. 



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If you want to enjoy some luxuries when you retire, you’ll need to build your own nest-egg - KiwiSaver is one way to do this.

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Super schemes

This may be a workplace savings scheme or another superannuation scheme.

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KiwiSaver Fund Finder 

Sorted has a handy tool that allows you to find the right fund for you. 

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