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The FMA conducts a range of research annually to inform the work that we do. View our research reports on this page.

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  1. Surveys

    24 January 2023

    Ease of Doing Business Survey

    This research helps us to better understand the impact that our work has on market participants and stakeholders. It informs the way we work and our focus on continuous improvement in our effectiveness and efficiency.
  2. Research

    14 September 2022

    KiwiSaver Statements survey

    KiwiSaver statements survey to understand members’ engagement with their annual statement and attitudes towards KiwiSaver.
  3. Research

    4 August 2022

    Consumer Experience with the Financial Sector Survey

    The Consumer Experience with the Financial Sector survey is our inaugural, nationally representative survey of New Zealand consumers. The FMA commissioned the survey to gain a comprehensive understanding of consumer experiences with the financial sector. The research reveals insights into the mindset and motivations of consumers as they manage their money and deal with financial services firms.
  4. Investor information

    29 July 2022

    Investor confidence report – annual results

    The 2022 Investor Confidence Survey found 66% of investors are confident in the country’s financial markets, down from 72% in 2021. View all annual Investor Confidence reports on this page.
  5. 28 July 2022

    Ethical Investment Journey Research

    This report contains the findings from a qualitative study interviewing a range of New Zealanders about their experience of and journey to buying an ethical* investment.
  6. Investor information

    5 August 2021

    Retail investor platforms research

    Research commissioned by the Financial Markets Authority to learn more about the use of online investing platforms, including investor profiles and behaviours.
  7. 16 June 2021

    KiwiSaver switching research

    A review of KiwiSaver member behaviour in response to COVID-19. The research focused on the increased switching behaviour observed during the period of heightened market volatility in Feb-April 2020.
  8. Surveys

    5 November 2018

    Bank Conduct and Culture Consumer Survey

    The FMA and the RBNZ commissioned Buzz Channel to conduct an online survey among New Zealanders to understand their experience of the conduct and culture of the main bank they use for their personal banking.
  9. 6 March 2017

    Point of retirement research

    The purpose of this research was to find out if financial advice helps New Zealanders manage their retirement savings.
  10. Surveys

    12 November 2012

    2012 Stakeholder Survey

    View the Executive Summary of the stakeholder survey conducted by Colmar Brunton on behalf of FMA in 2012.