28 July 2022

Ethical Investment Journey Research

This report contains the findings from a qualitative study interviewing a range of New Zealanders about their experience of and journey to buying an ethical* investment.

It was commissioned as part of the FMA’s thematic review into managed investment scheme (MIS) integrated financial product labelling.

The report covers the underlying factors that drive people toward considering an ethical investment (KiwiSaver or managed fund) and their experiences of navigating the different providers and products on offer.

Furthermore, it provides detail on specific triggers and difficulties during people’s journey toward buying ethical investments and the type of information they find most useful.

The report sets out the challenges facing potential ethical investors today and factors fund managers should consider to improve people’s experience.

Download Ethical Investment Journey Research 2022 PDF.

*The term ‘ethical’ has been used in this report as we found this was the term most commonly used by investors.