29 June 2022

FMA investor profile - Sarah Kelsey

FMA Investor Profile: Sarah Kelsey

This month’s FMA Investor Profile features Sarah Kelsey, a 23-year-old Product Marketing Specialist and host of the podcast series The OneUp Project.

Sarah Kelsey wears many hats working in Product Marketing for a start-up and hosting her own podcast series, The OneUp Project, which covers the topics of financial literacy and personal growth.

The podcast was born out of Sarah’s desire to open up conversations around money matters with others in an accessible and relatable way.

Sarah started investing in shares in March 2020 as New Zealand was going into a strict Covid-19 lockdown. “It was such an interesting time to start learning about investing,” she says.

While a number of factors helped Sarah kick off her investing journey, the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” has made a lasting impact. She attributes this to the book touching on both investing and mindset, two topics she finds highly fascinating.

Since then, she has continued to invest every week and has automated the process, which frees up her time to focus on other things.

“Because I “set and forget” my weekly investment into funds, I know that will continue to grow and I can leave it. As much as I enjoy learning about money and investing, I have no interest in keeping a close eye on the stock market all the time.”

She invests using savings and reinvesting gains while taking a long-term view to her approach and investing for the sake of her future.

I invest to have choices. I want to be able to have the freedom to make decisions with my life in the future and never let money be a barrier to living life on my terms.”

In terms of taking risks, Sarah predominately invests in funds and says understanding the importance of diversification has made a big difference to understanding investing in general.   

"Diversification really helped me see the benefit of investing in index funds over individual shares, for my personal situation. Diversification in companies, countries and sectors usually gives me a good mix."

“I still hold a few individual companies and investments outside of the share market that bring a little bit of volatility into the mix. Nothing I don’t feel comfortable with though, the bulk of my money is in what I feel are pretty conservative investments!

However, Sarah resists the temptation to keep too close of an eye on the market.

“I don’t check my portfolio that much to avoid becoming emotional and changing things prematurely.” 

The best investing advice she’s received is: The best time to invest was yesterday and the second-best time was today.”

“I quite enjoy this one because it touches on a few different things. It’s okay if you didn’t start investing at birth because the next best time is right now in the present. But also, the earlier you start the better! It keeps me motivated to keep investing as consistently as possible.

*The views and opinions expressed above are those of the interviewee and do not necessarily reflect the views or official position of the FMA.

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