15 September 2022

FMA Investor Profile – Sev Ozan

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Our latest Investor Profile is on Sev Ozan, a multi-hyphenate who has an active interest in investing.

Sev Ozan is a multi-hyphenate, also known as a “slashie,” with many talents and facets to her career. She’s a graphic designer/illustrator/children’s book author/part-time Uber driver and now investor.

Her investing journey started last year when she and her partner got thinking about their retirement and figured they should draw up a financial plan.

They met with a few financial advice providers, the majority of whom suggested investing in shares with some of their savings. Having seen a few of their close friends do well with their share investing, Sev decided to give it a go.

“My friends inspired me to dive into the world of investing. Every day I started to learn more about it, and I was curious about active trading.”

“Investing opened the door to a whole new world,” said Sev. “It sparked a passion I didn’t know I had.”

A year on from making her first investment, Sev describes herself as an active investor and has since developed an insatiable appetite to learn about the technical aspects.

“There are lots of different ways to invest. I am trying to learn as much as I can and find what works for me and my current lifestyle.”  

Other than saving for retirement, Sev is looking to purchase a home. Any gains from her investing are kept in a separate account.  These are reinvested or go towards her house deposit and future mortgage payments to minimise interest payments.

There are several steps Sev takes to mitigate risk, and she mentally prepares herself for the worst-case scenarios.

“I never put all my eggs in the same basket.”

As a relatively newbie investor, she’s careful not to beat herself up for making mistakes and makes sure to have fun along the way.

Her advice to others is “keep learning and don’t forget to enjoy the process. Investing is for the long term.”

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