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KiwiSaver Report 2018

Page last updated: 9 Apr 2019

KiwiSaver in numbers

Total amount invested in KiwiSaver $ 48,609,364,153

The KiwiSaver Annual Report 2018 shows that KiwiSaver is in good health – it’s up nearly half a billion on last year. More people are saving than ever before and returns have reached $3.2 billion.

FMA Chief Executive, Rob Everett speak about Kiwisaver

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Encouraging KiwiSavers to make active choices

Getting the best out of KiwiSaver is incredibly important to so many New Zealanders and a way people can do that is by making an active choice about where to invest their money. Default providers have overall raised their game in this area, persuading members to actively choose a fund - the number of people in default funds is at its lowest for 7 years.

We think a few providers could do more, so we have sought detailed plans from them for the coming year and will be monitoring their performance against these plans. We’ll continue to look for ways we can work with providers, and share information to help investors make informed decisions for their retirement.

Liam Mason, Director of Regulation explains more: 

  Total default members Default members making an active choice within the named scheme number
Scheme  2018  2018  2017  2016
Booster  18,308  2,797  15%  1,282  9%  2,205  22%
ANZ Default  72,443  7,615  10%  3,651  5%  4,868  6%
Mercer  81,861  6,263  8%  2,553  3%  5,033  5%
BNZ  22,172  1,112  5%  449  3%  355  3%
KiwiWealth 22,295  1,064  5%  624  4%  478  4%
 Fisher Two 68,508  3,316  5%  3,462  5%  2,781  4%
 ASB 90,456  3,766  4%  1,394  2%  1,441  1%
 Westpac 22,492  660  3%  385  2%  440  4%
 AMP 112,620  2,073  2%  2,286  2%  11,007  8%
   511,155  28,666    16,086    28,608  

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Fees and returns

The average investment management fee paid by members was $117, up 19.1% on last year. This year we worked to raise awareness of fees, through our KiwiSaver tracker tool, which allows you to compare fees and returns across fund types to find out if you are getting value for money. We also ran a campaign to encourage people to check their annual statements, which for the first time showed fees by dollar amount. 

The charts below show how fees and returns changes over the last five years for both active and default members.

How fees and returns changes over last five years for default members *Total fees include administrations fees, investment management fees, trustee fees and other scheme expenses.

 How fees and returns changes over last five years for active members*Total fees includes administration fees, investment management fees, trustee fees and other scheme expenses.

Average 5-year fund returns

Average 5-year fund fees


Simone Robbers, FMA Director, explains more about the importance of choosing the right kind of fund.

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Where is KiwiSaver money invested?

Number of members in each fund

The asset breakdown in each KiwiSaver fund differs, depending on which type of fund you choose of and what your risk appetite is. These graphs show where your KiwiSaver assets are invested. 

Dollar amount in each fund

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Read the full report

For more information on KiwiSaver over the last year, and the activities we’ve undertaken to encourage more New Zealanders to get the best out of their KiwiSaver funds, read our full report

An interactive statistical report can also be found here

KiwiSaver annual report cover page