04 October 2022

KiwiSaver Annual Report

The FMA publishes a report every year based on all providers’ statutory data for the year to the end of March. It summarises our activities as a regulator relating to KiwiSaver during the reporting period.

KiwiSaver Annual Report 2022: Scheme stays buoyant in its 15th year

KiwiSaver navigated challenging market conditions in the year to June 2022, with total funds under management rising 10% to almost $90 billion, taking the average member balance to $28,324.

It was a milestone year for KiwiSaver default accounts too, as around 300,000 default members were moved to balanced funds with lower fees and exclusions on investments in fossil fuel production.

By 31 March 2022, there were nearly 3.17 million members, and two-thirds had contributed a total of $11.3 billion. Nearly 200,000 withdrawals were made too, including $1.9 billion by over-65s, and $1.4 billion by first home buyers.

Download the KiwiSaver Annual Report 2022 PDF