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    9 August 2011

    FMA announces appointment and reappointments to Code Committee

    Media Release9 August 2011 The Board of the Financial Markets Authority has appointed Dimity Kingsford-Smith, a Professor of Law at the University of New South Wales, to the Code Committee for Authorised Financial Advisers for a term of three years. FMA CEO Sean Hughes said Professor Kingsford-Smith's experience and expertise would be invaluable to the committee. "I am very pleased Professor Kingsford-Smit...


    3 August 2011

    FMA completes NZX inquiry

    Media Release3 August 2011 FMA has completed its inquiry into continuous disclosure issues in relation to comments made by Mr Mark Weldon, CEO of NZX Ltd, concerning the carrying value of its subsidiary Clear Grain Exchange. FMA has considered responses from Mr Andrew Harmos, Chairman of NZX, and a NZX market announcement of 18 July 2011 as to the value of Clear Grain Exchange. FMA is now satisfied that NZ...


    22 July 2011

    FMA makes three appointments to strategic leadership team

    Media Release22 July 2011 The Financial Markets Authority has strengthened its strategic leadership team with three appointments to key positions in support of Chief Executive Sean Hughes. Mr Hughes said these first appointments were the result an extensive search in New Zealand and internationally for FMA's seven strategic leadership team roles. He expected to be able to announce further appointments in t...


    21 July 2011

    NZF prospectus withdrawn after FMA investigation

    Media Release21 July 2011 NZF Money Limited (NZF) has withdrawn its 2010 debt prospectus from the market following an investigation by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA). FMA CEO Sean Hughes said that an inspection of the documents and records of NZF, a subsidiary of NZX-listed NZF Group Limited, revealed matters of concern regarding NZF's disclosures of asset quality and liquidity. After discussions be...


    29 June 2011

    New era of professionalism for financial advisers

    Media Release29 June 2011 From Friday 1 July, financial advisers will be regulated under new rules administered by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA). All advisers must be registered on the Financial Service Providers Register (www.fspr.govt.nz) and if they advise retail clients they must belong to a dispute resolution scheme. Those who advise on investments must also be licensed by FMA and meet minimum...


    21 June 2011

    Warning: FMA warns SuperLife in relation to KiwiSaver sales practices

    Media Release21 June 2011 The Financial Markets Authority has issued a warning to SuperLife Limited and SuperLife Trustees Limited (together 'SuperLife') to overhaul its KiwiSaver sales practices. FMA Chief Executive Sean Hughes said FMA was seriously concerned about a number of matters regarding SuperLife's sales practices, potential non-compliance with the law and apparent poor monitoring of the activit...


    20 June 2011

    Statement on Hubbard Investigation

    Media Release20 June 2011 The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) and the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) have worked together closely throughout this investigation. The evidence on which the charges laid by the SFO today are based could also give rise to charges by FMA under section 59 of the Securities Act. However after careful consideration, both organisations are satisfied that the charges laid by the SFO wi...


    15 June 2011

    FMA issues interim order against GFNZ Group

    Media Release15 June 2011 The Financial Markets Authority has made an interim order to stop allotment of securities by GFNZ Group Limited (formerly known as Geneva Finance Limited). This is a new power, and the first time FMA has exercised it. FMA has learned that in the March 2011 quarter GFNZ breached its minimum new lending covenant with its primary funder, Bank of Scotland. As a result, Bank of Scotlan...


    10 June 2011

    FMA welcomes discussion document on funding

    Media Release10 June 2011 The Financial Markets Authority has welcomed the Government's release of a discussion document on third party funding options for financial regulation.Chief Executive Sean Hughes says with budgets now established, the discussion document provides an important opportunity for all market participants to contribute their views on the best options for collection of levies to fund FMA'...


    9 June 2011

    FMA warns of unacceptable KiwiSaver sales practices

    Media Release9 June 2011 The Financial Markets Authority is urging investors to be wary of unacceptable sales practices being used in selling some KiwiSaver schemes. After receiving complaints, FMA has taken steps to stop unregistered KiwiSaver sales representative Patrick Diack from engaging in illegal sales activities. Mr Diack has been a sales representative for several KiwiSaver schemes, most recently...


    24 May 2011

    Incomplete Applications Slow AFA Approvals

    Media Release24 May 2011 Up to 700 financial advisers may have to stop giving advice on KiwiSaver, managed funds and other investment products on 1 July because they haven't completed the qualifications needed to be an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA). From 1 July 2011, financial adviser regulations come into full effect, making it an offence for unlicensed financial advisers to provide retail clients wi...


    19 May 2011

    Relief from Disclosure of Changes to KiwiSaver

    Media Release19 May 2011 Changes to KiwiSaver in today's Budget Bill may be material to decisions about whether to invest in a KiwiSaver scheme. The Budget Bill includes a transitional provision for securities law disclosure that means KiwiSaver providers can keep their schemes open and have a reasonable period to amend their offer documents. In the meantime FMA expects KiwiSaver providers to take all prac...


    5 May 2011

    Warning: Think Before Signing Away 'Mum and Dad' Investor Rights

    Media Release5 May 2011 The Financial Markets Authority is warning investors against being classified as wholesale investors and losing retail 'mum and dad' investor rights and protections. FMA's priority is increasing investor confidence in capital markets and increased protections are being phased in (by 1 July 2011) for retail investors. These include advisers being subject to professional conduct stand...


    2 May 2011

    FMA Issues Whimp Warning

    2 May 2011 The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has today issued a warning about unsolicited offers that may be made by Mr Bernard Whimp and entities associated with him. Shareholders are warned to treat any such offer with great caution and to seek advice from a registered financial adviser, lawyer, accountant, Community Law Centre or Citizen's Advice Bureau. FMA has today given notice to Mr Whimp, and a...


    1 May 2011

    Financial Markets Authority Aims to Restore Investor Confidence

    Media Release1 May 2011 Restoring investor confidence in New Zealand's financial markets is the major goal of the new Financial Markets Authority which was formally established today. FMA chairman, Simon Allen, said New Zealand's economic prospects depended on lifting international and domestic investor confidence in the country's capital markets. "Broadening and deepening our financial markets to ensure l...


    21 April 2011

    Disciplinary Committee Ready to Conduct Financial Adviser Disciplinary Proceedings

    (Media releases from the Securities Commission)21 April 2011 Departing Commissioner for Financial Advisers, David Mayhew, has completed his final statutory role as Chair of the Financial Advisers Disciplinary Committee chairing its first meeting, where the committee approved its rules and procedures for operation. The Committee was appointed by the Minister of Commerce to conduct disciplinary proceedings a...