31 March 2023

KiwiSaver Tracker

FMA no longer publishes data to the KiwiSaver Tracker. Instead, we suggest that you view the Sorted fundfinder tool. We will however retained our historic data on this page for the time being. 

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2022 Fund updates


2021 Fund updates


2020 Fund updates


2019 Fund updates


2018 Fund updates


This information is published as it has been reported on the Disclose register.

Fund updates are uploaded approximately 35 - 45 working days after each quarter-end. For example, for quarter-end 30 June, the corresponding files are uploaded to our website approximately mid to late August. Each quarter update contains annualised data. Outside of these timeframes, we update the files when we receive updates from managers.

Quarterly and Annual Periodic Disclosure was previously required under the KiwiSaver (Periodic Disclosure) Regulations 2013 which has since been repealed by the Financial Markets Conduct Regulations 2014.