28 February 2013

FMA's Compliance Focus for 2013

This document outlines the Financial Markets Authority’s (FMA’s) priority areas for monitoring and surveillance in 2013. It provides an opportunity for participants to assess their activities and take steps to improve behaviours and compliance controls in these areas. Four major themes will influence our priorities:

  1. Building customer trust – participants need to be fair and transparent in their dealings with customers, with customers’ interests central to their activities.
  2. Raising standards in existing regimes – we expect participants to demonstrate behaviour above the bare minimum required, with a focus on good conduct, ethics and integrity. 
  3. Embedding new regimes – participants need to adapt to new regulatory regimes so as to realise the intended benefits for markets and customers.
  4. KiwiSaver – participants involved in the management, distribution and oversight of KiwiSaver must ensure they meet regulatory standards and act with customer interests in mind.

Download the FMA's Compliance Focus for 2013.pdf (4.2 MB)