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This section contains our reports, research papers and data tools.

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    • Regulation updates
    • Banking
    • Insurance
    • Financial market infrastructure
    • Surveys

    1 December 2016

    IMF 2016 review of NZ

    International Monetary Fund (IMF) visited New Zealand to conduct a Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP) of this country’s financial system. The goal of FSAP assessments is to gauge the stability of the country’s financial sector, to identify any potential sources of systemic risk and to assess its potential contribution to growth and development. Read more.


    • Monitoring and compliance
    • Corporate governance

    4 August 2016

    A review of corporate governance disclosure in New Zealand

    Our review of a sample of New Zealand listed and unlisted companies shows that although many companies provide clear and relevant information, they could improve corporate governance policies, practices and disclosures. We encourage companies to learn from the examples of good reporting that we have highlighted, paying particular attention to disclosures on shareholder relations and stakeholder interests.
    160804 Review of corporate governance disclosure


    • KiwiSaver and Superannuation
    • Research papers

    1 September 2015

    FMA and CFFC survey of NZers aged 50 years and over - KiwiSaver in Money Week 2015

    Survey into older NZers planning and expectations for, and experiences of retirement.
    150901 CFFC FMA Survey NZers aged 50 years plus 2015 KiwiSaver Money Week 150812 FMA and CFFC survey into older NZers planning and expectations for, and experiences of retirement FMA CFFC Over 50s information graphic


    • Financial reporting
    • Monitoring and compliance

    13 February 2015

    Non-filing of Financial Statements

    In July 2014 FMA published a report on our review of the filing of financial statements by a sample of issuer companies with 31 March 2013 balance dates. That review highlighted directors’ statutory obligations to file financial statements by the due date, informed directors and participants of the FMA’s focus in this area, and the action taken by the FMA against persistent late-filers and non-filers. The report informs market participants of the findings of our follow-up review.


    • AFA/QFEs
    • Monitoring and compliance

    12 September 2014

    Qualifying Financial Entities (QFE) Monitoring Report

    We cover site visits and wider monitoring activities up to June 2014. We provide an overview of our key findings from on-site QFE inspections of some of the major banks as well as non-bank entities, and have identified areas that could be improved by adopting better practices.
    140912 QFE monitoring report 2014


    • Monitoring and compliance
    • Statutory reports

    4 April 2014

    Securities Trustees and Statutory Supervisors - Feedback from monitoring visits

    The findings in this report reflect common issues recorded during our on-site visits of licensees and summarises the overall assessment of monitoring quality (section 1). It also provides key messages for licensees (section 2) and outlines the future focus of monitoring reviews (section 3).