20 December 2021


This warning was originally posted on 30 September 2021.

The FMA are concerned HyperFund may be operating a scam.

HyperFund operates on a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) model and claims to offers passive investment opportunities. We have received reports of them recruiting affiliate investors in New Zealand. It is not registered or licensed to provide financial services/products in New Zealand.

The website thehyperfund.com now redirects to thehyperverse.net.

The UK's Financial Conduct Authority has also cautioned the public about HyperFund on 23 March 2021. View the warning.

Additionally, Guernsey Financial Services Commission have also warned about HyperFund.

The FMA recommend exercising caution when dealing with this entity.

Entity name: Hyperfund
Websites: thehyperfund.com; thehyperverse.net