04 October 2021

World Investor Week 2021

The New Zealand theme for World Investor Week 2021 was ‘Investing FOMO?  Take a Mo’ which supported FMA research that almost one-third of investors using online platforms said they’d jumped into an investment in the last two years because they didn’t want to miss out.

We’re helping New Zealanders take a mo before they jump into an investment. If you’ve got investing FOMO, first consider the Five D’s of DIY investing.

The Five D’s of DIY Investing

For World Investor Week New Zealand 2021, the FMA promoted The Five D’s of DIY Investing: 

  1. Do your due diligence
  2. Drip feed your investments
  3. Diversify
  4. Don’t freak out if markets go down
  5. In Doubt? Talk to a financial adviser.

For more information on investing via online platforms, see our Online Investing Platforms pages.

Panels and webinars

Free personal finance webinar

AUT Senior Lecturer with the Department of Finance Dr Ayesha Scott presented a personal finance webinar on 6 October.

Topics included: save, don’t spend, buy now - pay later, the sharemarket, the property ladder and KiwiSaver.

She shared what everyone could keep in mind while working toward a fulfilling financial life along with why money mattered and finance was fun! Find out more 

Learnings from a lifetime of investing – NZ Shareholders Association (NZSA)

A panel of investing experts on October 06 shared insight from their own investing journeys.

Drawing on a lifetime of investing experience they had tips to help you no matter where you are in your own investing journey.

Panel members included NZSA deputy chair Samantha Sharif, author and financial commentator Martin Hawes, NZSA director Martin Watson and chief executive Oliver Mander.

World Investor Week 2021 Supporting Partners

Thank you to the following organisations who participated in World Investor Week 2021 to promote investor education.

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