05 October 2020

World Investor Week 2020

Myth #3: 'Investing is just too risky'

World Investor Week 2020 was jam packed with interesting resources for investors that remain relevant, particularly in a COVID world. Take a moment to view our tips and resources.

For World Investor Week 2020 (5 – 11 October), the FMA focussed on the thousands of Kiwis who are taking an interest in investing, amid the uncertainty and volatility of COVID-19, and on ensuring Kiwis are well-informed, so they can make educated decisions and protect themselves against risks.

Investing Q&A with Mary Holm and Gillian Boyes

On Thursday 8 October 2020, finance writer and educator Mary Holm sat down with the FMA’s Investor Capability Manager, Gillian Boyes, and answered investors’ questions in a one hour webinar.

Watch the full replay below for Mary’s views on topics including KiwiSaver, shares and managed funds.

Hits and Myths: an introductory guide to investing by Mary Holm

During World Investor Week 2020, the FMA published an introductory guide for new investors, written by finance writer and educator Mary Holm. 

Download the Hits & Myths: Introductory Guide to Investing by Mary Holm PDF.

The new guide is part of the FMA’s suite of investor guides, which also includes:

  • Bond Voyage: a guide for investors on choosing, buying and owning bonds
  • Share This:  about choosing, buying, owning and selling shares
  • Funds for Everyone:  on choosing, buying and monitoring managed funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

World Investor Week key messages

  • Do your research before investing.  Take the time to understand risk and assess fees.
  • Taking a long-term, diversified approach is important.  Before investing, think about your future needs and goals and invest accordingly. 
  • Digital platforms have made it easier for people to invest, but it’s still important to do your homework.  Use information from trusted sources like the FMA and Sorted.org.nz, as well as information from the organisation you’re investing with.  Avoid basing investment decisions purely on advice or tips from individuals on chat rooms or social media.

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