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  1. 10 December 2021

    Spotlight on: IPOs

    An IPO is an Initial Public Offering. It’s the first time new shares in a company are offered to investors in the wider public. These shares are then listed on a stock exchange, such as the NZX or ASX.
    An IPO can be riskier than other sharemarket investments, because there isn’t any past history on the stock exchange. However, it’s also possible that the lack of historical share price provides a buying opportunity. In this article from the FMA editorial team, you can get more information on IPO's and things to look out for before you invest.
  2. 1 December 2021

    Spotlight on: Balanced Funds

    The FMA editorial team talks about managed funds in this article. “A balanced fund usually has moderate risk, so you’re not risking as much uncertainty of achieving your investing goals or as much potential for loss by being in one. But remember to check your fund type is still good for your situation – if you’re getting closer to retirement or buying that first home, it’s time to start thinking about a more conservative fund.”