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A guide to the FMA's view of conduct

Page last updated: 2 Feb 2017

This guide describes why good conduct matters and how high standards of conduct support fair, efficient and transparent markets.  

It outlines our view of good conduct behaviour and signals how we will use conduct as a ‘lens’ for looking at how providers behave when meeting their existing obligations to their customers, and for shaping how we interact with them.

Our main focus will be ensuring that providers:

  • understand what good outcomes are for their customers
  • can demonstrate how boards and senior management communicate to the business an expectation that these outcomes are delivered, and how they are assured that this is done
  • can clearly articulate, and support with examples – potentially including those arising from direct customer feedback or related channels such as mystery shopping or net promoter scores – how their conduct appropriately serves – and balances – customer, business and, where relevant, shareholder interests
  • disclose to investors and the public what they are doing to meet their regulatory obligations and the principles of good conduct – for example by reference to the ‘Good conduct profile’ on page 8 – and how they are doing it.