Page last updated: 17 May 2021

Social media transparency statement

Terms of use for social media accounts

Before you engage with us through social media channels — Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram — we encourage you to read each channel's terms of use and also our terms of use below.

By using or accessing our social media pages, you are considered to have consented to the conditions of use of the particular social media channel and our individual page or account. These terms of use apply to all of our social media channels and tools, unless otherwise specified.

How we use social media and for what purposes

  • Our social media platforms are maintained and monitored by the FMA’s External Communications team.
  • We have accounts on the following sites (click the name to go to each account):
  • These are open to the public and used to share news and resources we deem relevant to consumers and/or industry, including content created by the FMA, or by others.
  • We also use our social media accounts to promote the FMA and its people and FMA Careers, and may also use them to research and/or contact people or organisations
  • Any third-party views expressed via our social media accounts, whether in our posts or in public comments, are solely those of the person or entity making them. Sharing or failing to remove such posts or comments does not amount to our endorsement.
  • We may follow/like organisations or individuals thar are relevant to our organisation. This does not imply endorsement or guarantee the accuracy of their information.
  • The FMA has engaged BrandWatch to provide us with thematic information from public interactions with our social media accounts. The FMA uses this information (all of which is publicly available) to gain insights on market sentiment about topics within the FMA’s regulatory remit.

How we moderate and respond to public comments and private messages

  • We welcome feedback and discussion on our social media pages, but we monitor posts and comments to maintain community standards.
  • The FMA has a right to moderate and delete comments that:
    • Are offensive (for instance contain obscenity or profanity, personal attacks or unreasonable criticism of the FMA, its staff or others);
    • Are irrelevant;
    • Contain political, commercial or sales/promotional material;
    • Share an individual’s personal information;
    • Negatively impact on the perception of the FMA’s neutrality (for example, if the comments are perceived to promote or deride a market participant);
    • Post from an account deemed likely to be fake or anonymous;
    • Are otherwise deemed inappropriate.
  • Our social media accounts are not an appropriate place to make complaints about individuals or businesses that you think are breaking the law. If you are concerned about this you can contact us.
  • To protect your security and privacy, please do not share any personal or sensitive information when commenting or posting on our social media pages. 
  • The FMA expressly disclaims any responsibility and no right of action shall arise against the FMA or its employees either directly or indirectly as a result of any views or information contained on or shared by our social media pages.

We reserve the right to report or remove (as appropriate) any posts or comments that do not comply with the following rules (click the link to go to each):

Private or direct messages

  • You may choose to voluntarily provide information privately or via direct message through our social media channels. This information may be viewable by account administrators, and our staff (as appropriate).
  • Any information you provide to us privately or via direct message will be held by the FMA. For information about how the FMA uses information, see our transparency statement. For information on how the FMA uses personal information, see our privacy statement.
  • The FMA monitors and responds to private or direct messages. If you are making an enquiry, making a complaint or requesting information you may be directed to the FMA’s ‘contact us’ page.

How you can raise concerns about our social media use

  • Anyone who wants to raise concerns or make a formal complaint about our social media accounts or activity can do so by emailing [email protected]
  • Any concerns or complaints sent to us will be treated in confidence and managed in accordance with our process for managing complaints about the FMA
  • Where a social media comment is considered to be a complaint about the FMA, the commenter will be invited to email [email protected] if they want their comment to be considered a complaint, and handled as per our process for managing complaints about the FMA.

For further information, visit the following FMA webpages (click the link to go to each):