15 April 2020

Horse Forex

ENTITY NAME: Horse Forex
WEBSITE: www.aus.top and www.horsegroup.top
EMAILS: [email protected]

The FMA recommends exercising caution before dealing with Horse Forex, and the websites www.aus.top and www.horsegroup.top which purports to be operated by Horse Group HK Limited and Horseforex PTY Limited respectively. We believe Horse Forex has the hallmarks of a scam and may be falsely claiming to be associated with a New Zealand entity, Horse Group Limited.

Horse Forex is not subject to regulation in New Zealand and they are not under the supervision of the financial markets regulator in New Zealand, the Financial Markets Authority. We note the regulator mentioned on the website, the New Zealand Financial Supervisory Authority, does not exist.

The director of Horse Group Limited has advised the company has no association with Horse Forex or the websites mentioned above.