17 March 2022

FMA issues warning about croftcapital.ltd

Warning yellow

The FMA recommends exercising caution when dealing with Croftcapital and croftcapital.ltd (the website) as we are concerned that Croftcapital may be operating a scam via the website. We received a report of people being unable to recover funds paid to Croftcapital.

Croftcapital falsely claim as an incorporated New Zealand company, Croft Capital Limited (Company number: 7054218) on the website. They purport to offer investment plans to investors with unrealistically high returns in relation to “Bitcoin mining and trading economic assets, crude oil trading, agricultural trades and investment”, and etc. 

Croftcapital is in fact not operating from the New Zealand business address as listed on the website. They are not associated with the New Zealand incorporated company above.

Entity name: Croftcapital 
Email: [email protected]
Website: Croftcapital.ltd