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Reports and papers

This section contains our reports and papers. For corporate publications, such as the annual report and statement of intent please see our corporate publications page

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  1. 15 November 2018

    Bank Incentive Structures

    The Bank Incentive Structures review report was signalled in the Financial Market Authority’s (FMA) Annual Corporate Plan 2017/18, and aligns with our strategic priorities of Sales and advice, Conflicted conduct, and Governance and culture.
  2. 5 November 2018

    Bank Conduct and Culture Review

    The Bank Conduct and Culture Review is a report that documents the findings from an FMA and RBNZ review of the conduct and culture in New Zealand retail banks.
  3. Investor information

    28 September 2018

    Consumer views of financial providers' conduct

    The aim of the research is to help the FMA understand consumer experience of the conduct of (and communications) from financial service providers.
  4. 18 July 2018

    Conflicted conduct in the insurance industry

    Our latest review on conflicted conduct in the insurance industry focuses on how QFEs mitigate risks through their operational policies and procedures when selling replacement policies. Our previous work focuses on RFAa and AFAs.
  5. Reports and Papers

    27 June 2018

    Improving financial statements

    This monitoring report summarises the findings from our thematic review to determine the extent of improvements in the presentation of financial statements in a clear, concise and effective way, and sets out some suggestions for additional improvement.
  6. Investor information

    18 April 2018

    General stocktake of fund updates

    Quarterly fund updates (fund updates) let investors know important information about their managed fund, such as how it is performing, what it is costing them, and what their fund is investing in.
  7. 20 February 2018

    Conduct Outcomes Report

    This report outlines how we responded to the areas of misconduct we saw during 2017. It also gives an overview of our supervision activity for the parts of the financial services industry we regulate.
  8. Reports and Papers

    15 November 2017

    Investigation into certain trading conduct of Goldman Sachs New Zealand Limited

    During our investigation into Mark Warminger, we saw trading activity by Goldman Sachs that gave cause for concern and warranted further investigation. This activity may have presented a false or misleading appearance of the price and supply of securities, which is why it came to our attention. Read more.
  9. 22 September 2017

    Financial Service Providers Register report

    Read about the work we’re doing to tackle misuse of the Financial Services Provider Register (FSPR) and some useful case studies that provide examples of where we’ve taken action.