19 January 2023

Managed Investment Scheme – Sector Risk Assessment

Managed funds, including KiwiSaver funds, are one of the main avenues for New Zealanders to meaningfully improve their long-term financial well-being.

This sector risk assessment (SRA) identifies some areas in the Managed Investment Schemes (MIS) sector we consider to be higher risk. It is predominantly based on the fund manager risk ratings assigned by their frontline supervisors.

This is the first SRA on the MIS sector. This view will guide more targeted work on specific issues and managers and how we collaborate with supervisors to ensure risks within the managed fund sector are – or continue to be – managed effectively. We expect there will be future iterations of the SRA as we continue to gather data and intelligence on the MIS sector to promote our purpose of facilitating the development of fair, efficient, and transparent financial markets.

Download the Managed Investment Scheme Sector Risk Assessment 2023.