12 December 2017

Investor Alert: Final call for eligible investors in the Hanover settlement to make a claim before 16 February 2018

We urge eligible investors in the Hanover settlement who have not yet made a claim for their money, to do so before Friday 16 February 2018.

Deloitte is managing the distribution of investors’ funds. To date, 85 % of eligible investors have responded to correspondence and received their money.

There are around 600 eligible investors who have either returned incomplete information to Deloitte or are yet to make a claim.

We strongly encourage these eligible investors, or family members of eligible investors, who still need to claim their money, to contact the Hanover distribution team at Deloitte.

Email the distribution team at [email protected]  or leave a message on the dedicated toll free phone number 0800 426 683 and the team will respond to your call. 

Further information can be found at www.deloitte.co.nz

Money not claimed following this process will be sent to Inland Revenue.


Case: Hanover Finance, Hanover Capital & United Finance