12 November 2018

CBL Investigation update

Media release
MR No. 2018 – 46
12 November 2018

The FMA is aware of the significant ongoing interest in its CBL investigation. The FMA set out details of this investigation in July.

Given the complexity of the issues and the involvement of other agencies, the investigation process is likely to take some time.

The FMA is dedicating the required resource to ensure this matter is progressed in a timely way, while maintaining the integrity of the investigation.

We continue to liaise with the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and Serious Fraud Office, the voluntary administrator of CBL, the liquidator of CBL insurance as well as overseas regulators.

Edwin Mitson
Senior Adviser, Media Relations
021 702 036


Case: CBL

Decision in the case stated procedure between FMA and the administrators of CBL Corporation Limited

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