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New website and Twitter account for FMA

Page last updated: 26 Aug 2013

Media Release
26 August 2013

The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has today launched two communication tools which will enhance the way it works with market participants, investors and the media.

www.talktous.fma.govt.nz will provide an opportunity for New Zealanders to share their thoughts and tell us what they think is important for the future of New Zealand’s financial markets, which are entering a new era.

Visitors to the site will also be able to see what FMA is currently consulting on and provide feedback.

And Twitter users will now be able to follow FMA on @FMAmedia.

@FMAmedia will tweet FMA news releases and other public announcements.

FMA will continue to release information on its main website, www.fma.govt.nz, and via its RSS feeds, FMA updates and direct emails to news media.