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  • Annual-AML-CFT-report

  • Presentation by Elaine Campbell to the IFA Conference 2014

    What does success look like in the new regulatory environment?

  • FMA - Brochures

  • Director pays the penalty for failing to file financial statements on time

    Ross Anthony Collins, director, is to pay a fine of $30,000 for breaches of the Financial Reporting Act 1993.

  • FMA issues New Zealand’s first licence for peer-to-peer lending services

    FMA today issued its first peer-to-peer lending service licence to Auckland-based Harmoney under the provisions of the FMC Act 2013.

  • Joint finance company prosecutions promote renewed public confidence and ethical conduct in financial markets

    Hugh Edward Staples Hamilton (Belgrave Finance Limited) has been sentenced at the Auckland High Court today to four years and nine months’ imprisonment.