Page last updated: 03 May 2024

Warnings and alerts

This list of warnings and alerts on this page contains the names of businesses or individuals you should be wary of if you are planning to invest. The list is not exhaustive and there is no guarantee that the business or individual listed has not changed their name.

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  1. 4 December 2023

    NZ Best Rates - Comparison website harvesting investor details

    We are concerned that NZ Best Rates may be operating a scam. NZ Best Rates's website claims to offer a way to compare and find the best term deposit rates in New Zealand, while also providing information on choosing term deposits.
  2. 21 November 2023

    OmegaMining-FX – Imposter website

    The website operated by OmegaMining-FX is falsely using the details of the legitimate New Zealand company Omega Finance Limited.
  3. 20 November 2023

    CapitalvestPRO – Suspected scam

    CapitalvestPRO and its website, have the hallmarks of a scam. CapitalvestPRO advertises it is located in New Zealand and is registered in New Zealand; however, it does not appear to be registered by the New Zealand Companies Office and the stated address does not exist.
  4. 15 November 2023

    Fake FMA licence certificates

    We have received a large number of reports about fake FMA licence certificates being used to try and convince people to invest money with phony investment brokers.
  5. 2 November 2023

    MaxTradeCap - Suspected scam

    MaxTradeCap has made false and unsubstantiated claims about being a registered and licensed financial entity in New Zealand.
  6. 20 October 2023

    TSB – Fake term deposits

    A scam offering fake term deposit investments using the name of TSB Bank is targeting New Zealanders.