19 December 2018


DATE: 19 December 2018
WEBSITE:  www.zgtra.com ; www.zgangfx.com ; www.zongforex.com


  • ZonggangCaifu is not registered, licensed, or regulated in New Zealand as claimed on its websites.
  • The financial service provider registration numbers of FSP1782, FSP1762, FSP488226 and FSP536586 displayed on ZonggangCaifu’s websites belong to KVB Kunlun group of companies. KVB Kunlun is NOT affiliated with ZonggangCaifu and its websites.
  • ZonggangCaifu could be involved in a scam.
  • We note that the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has listed www.zongforex.com on their alert list as “suspicious website”. Link to the SFC’s alert can be found here.