20 October 2023

TSB – Fake term deposits

A scam offering fake term deposit investments using the name of TSB Bank is targeting New Zealanders.

Scammers are using email addresses and the names of genuine TSB staff to send out fake prospectuses featuring the TSB logo. TSB has confirmed it is not connected with these offers or the fake prospectus shown in the image below.

We have received reports from scam victims that they are being “cold called” about these fake investments or contacted after putting personal details into deposit comparison websites. TSB has confirmed to the FMA that it does not conduct pro-active calls offering new term investments to customers (although it may call existing customers about maturing investments).

Victims were instructed to send money to bank accounts not held with TSB, including accounts in Australia under the pretext that it would be more secure.

We recommend exercising extreme caution when receiving any unsolicited investment offers and to carefully check credentials of a financial entity before sending any money.  

Verify information given to you on the official website of the financial entity. Check if phone numbers or other contact details you have been provided match genuine contact details available from publicly available sources.

If you have any doubts, contact the bank yourself to confirm details. Do not rely on information given in emails or communication purporting to be from TSB – this may be fake.

Entity name: TSB
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 09 886 0033

If you suspect you've been targeted by an investment scam, please contact us.

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