07 August 2020

TFR Global and Merlin Biotechnologies

ENTITY NAME: TFR Global and Merlin Biotechnologies

WEBSITE: https://www.tfrglobal.com/ and https://merlinbiotech.com/


  • TFR Global: Singapore: +65 3129 2909, United Kingdom: +44 122 4928 548
  • Merlin Biotechnologies: +1.778.3002.445


  • TFR Global: Singapore: MBFC Tower Two, 10 Marina Boulevard, Singapore, 018983, United Kingdom: One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 United Kingdom.
  • Merlin Biotechnologies: Southbridge Business Park, East Kent Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5X 0B2, Canada



  • The FMA recommends exercising caution before dealing with TFR Global and Merlin Biotechnologies as we believe they have the hallmarks of a scam.
  • We received a report from a New Zealand resident who was approached by TFR Global representatives offering private investment in Merlin Biotechnologies.
  • TFR Global and Merlin Biotechnologies are not incorporated companies or registered financial service providers in New Zealand. They are therefore not permitted to provide financial services/products to New Zealand residents.
  • TFR Global state they are regulated by Investment Capital and Financial Regulatory Services (ICFRS). We note this regulator mentioned does not exist.