20 December 2022

Reo Funds NZ Limited not registered to provide financial services in New Zealand

The FMA is aware that Mr Owen Edward Stokes of Reo Funds NZ Limited is purporting to arrange loans from offshore lenders to New Zealand entities and individuals. Borrowers were asked to pay a large amount in upfront fees but did not receive the loan funds or get a refund of the fees they paid to process the loans. 

Reo Funds NZ Limited and Mr Stokes are not registered on the Financial Service Providers Register to provide this service in New Zealand.

Entity name: Reo Funds NZ Limited (Company number: 7979777)
Primary individual: Owen Edward Stokes
Associated Company: McKadam Beta Limited
Phone: +64 274 722215
Address: 141a Second View Avenue, Beachlands, Auckland 2018
Email[email protected]