16 November 2018

Messrs John Preston and Robert Harding; Harding & Company Advisors

DATE: 16 November 18
ADDRESS: 17 State St, New York NY 10004 USA
WEBSITE: www.handcadvisors.com
PHONE: +1 646 931 1975
EMAIL: [email protected] ; [email protected]

Mr. Robert Harding
Managing Director
Telephone: +1 646 931 1975
Fax: +1 646 924 05 77
Email: [email protected]


Anna Harding-Willis
Administration Manager
Telephone: +1 646 931 1975
[email protected]

REASON FOR WARNING: We have reason to believe that Messrs Preston and Harding, and the website www.handcadvisors.com have the hallmarks of a scam.

We are concerned that Messrs Preston and Harding are cold calling New Zealand residents purporting to be representatives from Harding and Company Advisors and offering the opportunity to purchase shares. Messrs Preston and/or Harding instructed the funds to be remitted to two different bank accounts (neither of which were in the name of Harding and Company Advisors) in two different jurisdictions, as follows:

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We do not believe that Messrs Preston and Harding, or the website www.handcadvisors.com , are associated with the SEC-registered firm of Harding & Co or Ohio-registered adviser Mr Michael Robert Harding.

We recommend caution before dealing with Messrs Preston and Harding and the website www.handcadvisors.com as they:

  • Have been cold calling New Zealand residents;
  • Are not licensed or regulated to provide financial services in New Zealand;
  • Are not associated with the US registered investment advisory firm of similar name;
  • Instruct people to remit funds to third parties in different jurisdictions; and
  • Have the hallmarks of a scam.