13 December 2023

Ocean Trade

The FMA recommends caution when dealing with Ocean Trade and its twelve duplicate websites (listed below).

Nine of these websites falsely use details of a registered New Zealand company Mercado Limited (registration number 7353856), including its address and Companies Register details on a fake Certificate of Incorporation document.

The Director of Mercado Limited has confirmed no association with these websites.

Four of the twelve websites use details from other legitimate companies in New Zealand or the United Kingdom.

The websites falsely claim to be registered financial service providers and we have had reports of client funds being withheld.


WEBSITE: ocean-trade.org; perfectglobaltrade.org; livetradeinvestment.com; cryptoprofitrade.com; coinminetinvest.com; cryptoprofitrade.com; cnkglobalinvestment.com; stakefunds.org; episodegrab.org; upliftfxinvest.net; coinfinancefxtrading.com; realearners.net; coinfinancefxtrading.com

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ADDRESS: (Alleged) 25d Churchill Street, Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8013