20 December 2019

https://bw-holdings.com/, https://fac-limited.com, https://vip-deposit.com/ and www.karnz.com

WEBSITES: https://bw-holdings.com/, https://fac-limited.com, https://vip-deposit.com/ and associated entity and website Karnz Excavator www.karnz.com
DATE: 20 December 2019
EMAILS: [email protected].
PHONE: +1 224 310 4313, +1 5744445691


  • We are concerned that https://bw-holdings.com/, https://fac-limited.com, https://vip-deposit.com/ and associated entity Karnz Excavator www.karnz.com may be operating a scam.
  • Company registration details of two New Zealand companies Beaumonts Way Holdings Limited and Financial Assurance Consultants Limited are noted on their websites. The directors of the New Zealand companies have confirmed that they are not connected with any of the websites in question.