14 July 2021


ENTITY NAME: jmitfs.com
WEBSITE: www.jmitfs.com
: [email protected]; [email protected]

We are concerned the operators of the website www.jmitfs.com may be operating a scam. The website falsely claims to be Jmit Financial Services Limited, an entity incorporated in New Zealand and registered as a Financial Service Provider. We understand the website is using the New Zealand companies details without permission.

www.jmitfs.com is not an incorporated entity or financial service provider registered in New Zealand. The website’s registrant appears to be based overseas and was only recently created in January 2021. The website also uses the photographs of 3 individuals with incorrect/false names. We therefore recommend exercising caution when dealing with this website.

We have also become aware that individuals have received unsolicited communications from Michael Hopkins, via email [email protected]. The communications from Michael Hopkins falsely claims they are from the HR Department at Jmit Financial Services Limited and offers a role of Processing Assistant which includes receiving funds into a personal bank account and forwarding them on to a third party.

The FMA is concerned that this activity may be a money transfer scam or a money mule scam (which can be connected to potential money laundering). It warns New Zealanders to exercise caution when receiving unsolicited communications, such as unsolicited offers of employment.

Further information regarding employment scams can be found at NetSafe and information regarding money mules at sorted.org.nz.