04 March 2024

J Rothschild – Imposter website, fake FMA documents

The FMA has had a report about an imposter of J Rothschild contacting New Zealanders through Facebook offering investment opportunities.     

There is a current alert on the official J Rothschild Capital Management website, saying it is aware of other websites using the J Rothschild name to offer investments.      

After the New Zealand investor made an initial investment, the imposter website sent documentation claiming to be from the FMA, describing a mandatory annual compliance fee for New Zealand investors of $200.    

The FMA has not introduced any such compliance fee for New Zealand investors, this is a scam.     

If you have paid this fee, we recommend you contact your bank immediately.   

Entity Name: J Rothschild – Imposter
Website: www.jrothschild.org    
Address: 27 St. James's Place, London, SW1A 1NR (alleged)
Email: [email protected]