22 August 2018

Haig, Lafferty & Partners

ASSOCIATED ENTITIES/INDIVIDUALS: Securities Authority of New Zealand
ADDRESS: 5th Floor, Comsmart Building, 53 Boulcott Street, Wellington 6011
WEBSITE: www.haiglafferty.com
PHONE: +64 4 8302404
EMAIL: [email protected]


We have received reports that representatives of Haig, Lafferty & Partners are cold calling investors and recommend investors exercise caution before dealing with Haig as:

  • it is not a New Zealand registered company,
  • is not registered to provide financial services in New Zealand,
  • is using a registration number from a fake New Zealand regulator (Securities Authority of New Zealand),
  • has the characteristics of a scam.

For more information see overseas brokers and cold calling scams and how to avoid scams pages.