06 October 2022

GemsAssociate displays forged certificate of incorporation on website

FMA recommends exercising caution when dealing with GemsAssociate and gems-associate.com (the website). We received a report of people being asked by GemsAssociate to pay advance fees for withdrawing their funds.

The investment returns they claim to offer to investors appear to be unrealistically high.  GemsAssociate also claims to be “insured with Aviva Insuarance, New Zealand” but there is no such insurance provider in New Zealand.

GemsAssociate purports to be an incorporated New Zealand company, Gems Associates Limited (GAL), and displays a forged certificate of incorporation on the website. GAL has confirmed that they are not associated with GemsAssociate or the website.

GemsAssociate is not a registered financial service provider in New Zealand. 

Entity name: GemsAssociate; Gems associate
Website: gems-associate.com