07 December 2021

FMA issues warning to investors about Leadway Investment Group

FMA are concerned about the advertisements published by Leadway Investment Group in a local newspaper in Auckland (see screenshots below). These advertisements are likely to be associated with Bitcoin Era given this entity name is appearing on one of the headings of these advertisements. Bitcoin Era has been a subject entity of the warnings issued by Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores of Spain (CNMV) and the FMA

We are also concerned that www.leadwaygroups.com (the website) is potentially operating a scam. The website offers trading platforms for various financial products and promises unrealistically high and guaranteed investment returns ranging from 500% to 1,000% in 21 days.

Leadway Investment Group and the website are not a registered financial service provider or subject to regulation in New Zealand. They are most likely to be associated. We recommend exercising caution when dealing with this entity and the website.

ENTITY NAME and associate names: Leadway Investment Group; Lead way Investment Group; Bitcoin Era
WEBSITE: www.leadwaygroups.com
EMAIL: : [email protected]; [email protected]
TELEPHONE: +44 745 983 4232; +1 801 997 1153