10 December 2021

FMA issues warning that www.hubert-acker.com impersonating overseas broker

We are concerned that www.hubert-acker.com (the website) is operating a scam. We believe they are impersonating a licensed broker in Belgium. We are aware that a New Zealand investor has been cold called by their representatives offering financial services.

The investor has been advised to advance funds to a third-party bank account (details below) to exercise the warrants on their shares of Scilabs Holding Inc. in order to sell them for profit to NY Mergers INC., an entity believed to be associated with the website. We believe this is fictitious as these shares can no longer be traded from 2013.

The operators of the website and NY Mergers INC. are not registered or regulated financial service providers in New Zealand. We recommend exercising caution when dealing with these entities.

ENTITY NAME: www.hubert-acker.com
ASSOCIATED NAMES: NY Mergers INC. (https://nymergersinc.com)
WEBSITE: www.hubert-acker.com
PHONE: +32 50 94 61 71; +44 (0) 203 129 1303
DETAILS OF BANK ACCOUNTS USED BY THE WEBSITE: Account Name: PMC BUSINESS CONSULTANCY; Beneficiary Account: 300001501977; Beneficiary Address: 4/F Unit 2C, One E-Com Building, Ocean Drive, Mall of Asia, Pasay City 1300, PH; Beneficiary Bank: EAST WEST BANKING CORPORATION; Beneficiary Bank Address: 131 Gil Puyat Avenue Extension, Pasay City 1300, PH; SWIFT code: EWBCPHMM